The NextVote System includes features that will empower Election Officials to easily manage their data, run searches and query the database, generate reports, and create and allocate polling stations. The system includes functions for draw-in map capability, and critical de-duplication function.

The NextVote System is developed to ensure seamless integration with existing State identity databases and election management systems.

NextVote will provide your team with the tools it needs to manage and execute your elections  effectively.

Voter Management

  • Voters Registration & Enrollment for your County’s voters.
  • Voter Application Manager that allows transparency, yet it is private & secure.
  • Roster Management allows Election Officials to create & maintain rosters.
  • Voter duplication algorithm feature that identifies duplicate or redundant information.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

  • Allows the Election Official the capability of mapping for redistricting.
  • The GIS Module has draw-in & heat map capabilities.
  • Automatic precinct allocation based on the GIS co-ordinates
  • Includes a powerful capability for boundary management, and setting polling station locations.

Vote By Mail (VBM)

  • Allows Election Officials to manage both incoming and outgoing requests.
  • Streamlined design to allow 4 signatures to be compared at once.
  • Provides an in-depth view of the VBM process with a user friendly interface.
  • VBM Records of Individual & Household Signature History.

Candidate Management

  • Allows the Election Official to create a Candidate from the voter registration record.
  • Lists all the requirements for the candidate based on the contest assigned.
  • Allows the Election Official to manage the fees associated to the Candidate application.
  • Checklist to ensure completeness of the Candidates application.

Election Configuration

  • The module allows for complete customization of the election.
  • The ability to copy previous elections in order to create new elections.
  • Election countdown and progress chart to see an overview of upcoming elections.
  • A customizable checklist which assists the Election Official to manage the election.

Petition Management

  • Allows for streamlined and accurate verification of candidate and ballot measure petitions.
  • It greatly reduces petition processing time by performing signature comparisons while providing automated reporting.
  • Allows Election Officials to validate signors and determine when a petition has enough signatures to qualify for the ballot.
  • Once a petition qualifies for the ballot, it is seamlessly added.

Provisional Ballots

  • Streamlined interface which allows data and signature verification.
  • Comparison of the ballot types to ensure the voter only votes for the correct contests.
  • Election Officials can keep track & run reports on any Provisional Voter.
  • Allows the Election Official the ability to verify that no voter voted twice in any given election.

Poll Workers & Polling Place

  • Allows the Election Officials to effectively management the polling locations.
  • Assets can be allocated to polling places.
  • The Elections Officials can easily allocate a registered voter as a Poll Worker.
  • Election Officials can easily identify Poll Workers available for an election and polling station.

Reports & Reporting Management

  • NextVote will provide your Elections Team with the necessary Reporting Tools.
  • Dashboard & Daily Status Reporting needed to manage and execute your elections effectively.
  • Election Officials can Customize reports to fit their election needs.
  • NextVote can provide The Election Official with post election Audit Reports.