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We keep it simple. Our Election Management System (EMS) offers a single source solution for all your functions and tasks within the election cycle.


We know elections. We can help.

You’re on the frontline. Your needs drive what we build. Our modules were designed and developed to easily be adapted to suit your unique election cycle requirements.

Voter Management

  • Voter Registration & Enrollment
  • Voter Application Management
  • Roster Management
  • Deduplication

Poll worker Management

  • Poll Worker Scheduling
  • Auto Generate Letters/Emails to Poll Workers

Geographic Information System

  • Redistricting
  • Boundary Management
  • GIS Engine (Draw-in Capable)
  • Polling Station Management


  • Incoming & Outgoing Request Management
  • Database Management

Election Management & Configuration

  • Office/Candidate Management
  • Petition Management
  • Election Countdown & Progress Chart
  • Customizable Checklist

Unquestionable Results

Your county, state, and country demand results that are accurate. Period.




How we put election officials first:


At your fingertips access to all you need to manage data, run searches and query a database, generate reports, and create and allocate polling stations.


Gain the access you need to a system that includes functions for draw-in-map capability, and critical de-duplication functions.


Have confidence in the seamless integration with existing state identity databases and EMS.


Your team will be provided with the key tools needed to manage and execute every election securely, effectively, and seamlessly.

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We are the elections specialist team as devoted as you are.


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“As a former Elections County Commissioner in New York, I know firsthand how important it is to work with a team that has direct experience, knowledge, and insight into how Elections in America work.”


Kelley Hood
Account Executive

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